"Collaudo"-Workshop in the Venosta Valley

Periodic Technical Inspections

We are an officially authorized workshop that is allowed to perform the so called “collaudo” (Italian for periodic technical inspection) for passenger cars up to 3.5 t, motorbikes, and civil defense vehicles. All periodic technical inspections are performed at our branch (Via Pineta 65). Please note that appointments can solely be arranged at our main office (Via Principale 26) either in person, by phone or email.


The first inspection of a passenger car is due four years after its initial registration. All subsequent inspections have to be performed every two years. More information about the periodic technical inspection can be found on the website of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano – South Tyrol under the following link http://www.provincia.bz.it/it/servizi-a-z.asp?bnsv_svid=1009520 (in Italian language).